The Domino Effect

Road To Trouble

So the party's journey to Gumblestock is halted by the deception of one bandit captain. Accompanying the bandit captain is a small gang of cut throats and one trained ape. The group of bandits roam the countryside attacking unwary travelers and merchant caravans in search for loot. They attack the party thinking that their sheer numbers can overcome our heroes. They soon find out our group of adventures are much tougher than they thought. The bandit captain ends up getting bloodied as well as losing several men and the trained ape during the encounter. The bandit captain escapes with his life as well as his men. Their numbers cut in half thanks to our heroes. As for our heroes. Our party realizes just how dangerous the world they live in is. That a good or bad strategy in battle could mean life or death.

After the ranger Estinien searches the bandits and finds six gold pieces per bandit. Estinien just adds that to the gold that he has already accumulated so far. The ranger examining the trained ape's mouth finds a gold tooth. Estinien pulls out the gold tooth and keeps it as well. Of course, not to be outdone. The bard Black-A-Lackin pulls a regular tooth from the trained ape just to use as a lute pick. The group searching further find out the bandits to each carry a mark on their left chest. A tattoo of downward crossed scimitars entwined by a snake. The warpriest Carlos draws the bandit mark onto some parchment paper. The bard Black-A-Lackin in defiance cuts the tattoo from one of the dead bandit's chest and takes the bandit's crossbow. The bard stashes the gorilla tooth and the tattoo attached to human skin inside his clothing. Carlos asks Black-A-Lackin why didn't you just draw it. The bard responds that he isn't much of an artist when it comes to drawing. That his talents lie in the art of performance and music. The group leaves the dead bandit bodies in a burning pile on the road. Set on fire by a fire spell cast by the sorcerer Copperhead.

Only being early afternoon. The party has plenty of time to reach the town of Gumblestock before nightfall. Once our heroes get there. They see a twenty foot high crudely built wooden wall in-circling a town. Made of standing wooden logs wrapped in think wire. This must be Gumblestock. A muddy dirt path leads to a large wooden door with a sliding eye slot. Carlos the human warpriest and Kimbly the dwarf paladin boldly go to the door and knock to enter.

Having stated your business. You are escorted to the town hall by one of the teenage guards. Where the town is having a meeting discussing how to get rid of the menace that plagues the mine and town. The mine being rich in iron ore. There you meet most of the townsfolk and the mayor of Gumblestock. The mayor is a gnome named Ganondorf. He offers to pay the party handsomely if they succeed in doing this. Five hundred gold pieces each to be exact. So agreeing on the terms. The group sets out at first light.

Being escorted by the same guard that took you to the townhall to the mine. You find out the teenage boy is named Jarl. His father was one of the miners who is still missing. He asks that you please find his father and bring him home. He says his family has no money but his family would be in your debt forever. Only being a mile away. You get to the mine with no issues. A cave mouth is discovered. The entrance to the iron ore mine. A single wooden metal track leads into the cave mouth. Two mine carts rests on top of the wooden metal tracks.

Once there, Estinien immediately searches for any unusual footprints on the ground. He ends up finding many goblinoid tracks going in and out of the cave mouth. The group of adventures then devise a plan to enter the mine.





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