The Domino Effect

The Wheels Of Fate

Greenbriar is a small hillside region located in the center of the sprawling continent of Bruinhaven. The region of Greenbriar is known to be the hub for all the races to congregate; trade as well as socialize. As of now, it is relatively safe to live in the towns and cities but the trade routes as of late have been dangerous to travel. Merchant caravans have been attacked and robbed by marauding bandits. In the last month or so these incidents have only worsened.

It is in the town of Havenrock where the group of heroes first meet. Inside a tavern named the Golden Pegasus the party agree on a common path. The cleric Carlos overhears a man talking about a nearby town named Gumblestock and that the town is looking to pay handsomely anyone who can get rid of a menace that plagues that town. A promising proposition even though a hazardous one. A proposition the party accepts to the town of Havenrock's sorrow. The bard Black-A-Lackin has become a celebrity overnight after an One Night Only performance. To the delight of everyone in attendance. Everyone but maybe the ranger Estinien. The ranger and bard have developed a rocky relationship at best. Never the less the town is sad to see their favorite bard Black-A-Lackin go.

So setting off at night. The group camps outside of Havenrock only to be welcomed by the harsh elements. Rain begins to fall. A light rain at first but then a torrential downpour. Not being properly equipped. The group must find more suitable conditions to stay the night. This is when the ranger Estinien finds a cave mouth. Big enough to accommodate the whole party throughout the night.

In the morning the rain has stopped but the group of heroes awaken to very muddy conditions. Even the main roads make for poor traveling. It is on one of these roads toward Gumblestock that the party sees what seems to be a dead humanoid body near the side of the road face down. Estinien the ranger pickpockets the mud stained body to find some gold pieces as well as a small gem. The paladin Kimbly turns the body over to investigate further. Only to find the person is very much alive and aware. As he stands, the person looks to the ranger Estinien and coolly asks for his gem and coin back. The person brandishing a dagger in one hand and a short sword in the other signals his friends with a whistle……



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