The Domino Effect

Judge Me By My Size. Do You?

Entering the iron ore mine entrance. The party pushes two mine carts along a wooden metal track that runs in the middle of the caves of the mine. Copperhead using a torch notices the torch burns brighter than usual. Farther you go in. The torch burns even more intense. Going down a slight decline the mine carts move freely along the tracks then hundred feet upward on a steeper incline that goes up five inches every five feet of movement. There is many twists and turns on the tracks. While using the mine carts you find a supply room where the miners stored some of their gear as well as uncompleted  areas in the mine where they collected iron ore. The party ends up finding and taking  a mining helmet each as well as Kimbly taking a small metal barrel of fuel. Having found a device on the wooden metal tracks that changed tracks to redirect the mine carts one way or the other. You also see a sign that said that no torches are allowed beyond a certain point due to methane gas that exists within the mine. So all torches used are extinguished. Having no alternative light sources. You are left in the dark unless one was born with night vision. 

After some searching. The party finds a trapdoor leading downward. Seeing another unfinished mined area. The group discovers goblin holes that are four feet high. Tall enough for the dwarf paladin Kimbly to crouch and maneuver forward. But too small for the rest of the group to stand and travel through. They would have to result to crawling on all fours instead; losing all dexterity bonuses, shield bonuses and cutting all movement to half. It only takes eighty feet until Kimbly finds a  small room with a door. His friends behind him crawling.  On the door is a warning of some sort in a unknown language with a depiction of a skull and crossbones. Opening the door reveals another trapdoor on the floor going downward.

Getting this far, the party enters another room underneath the trapped door. The adventures end up yelling trying to antagonize an attack from a unknown foe(s) with no avail. This one room is booby trapped. Olgrin the orc fighter unwisely triggers a wire trigger which sends the ceiling falling upon the group causing damage to everyone in the room. There is five more goblin holes that go out in five different directions from this room. Kimbly leading the movement goes in first through these maze of tunnels. Running into a bear trap unexpectedly; Kimbly painfully pries it off his leg. The dwarf paladin finds another bear trap later but sees it this time before triggering it. Kimbly ends up keeping the bear trap for future use. As you go farther still. The party finds a bigger space used as a guard post. The inhabitants having left hastily leaves a smoldering fire that was put out abrubtly. The group hears yet another trapdoor close as Kimbly tries to relight the campfire.

So giving chase and finding this third trapdoor. The party finds another goblin hole. This one even smaller than the ones before. Where even Kimbly the dwarf paladin must crawl. The goblin hole leads to a very large room where an alerted angry ogre awaits the group's arrival. This part of the mine is unaffected by the effects of the methane gas as torches light up the room with no disaster. The ogre charges from behind a ratty curtain to kill anyone who enter. So the party fight the ogre to a conclusion. So playing to their strengths using fire, well aimed arrows and spells. The group is able to defeat the ogre even though the ogre manages to give a few lumps. Black-A-Lackin and Olgrin getting the worst of it. Searching the ogre, you find random skulls and bones on his person as well as twenty five gold……



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